We are passionate  business experts & consultants driven by marketing powered by technology led by customers who provide management consulting  to help business organizations across industries to effectively leading their future through developing their leaders, lifting their capabilities and transforming their organizations. .

Our history dates back to early 2001 when Wadea Almedwahi ,after 5 years executive experience as siemens marketing manager in his home country, started off his entrepreneurial endeavor where he founded his own business in marketing “ Exact Promotional Services “ thereafter he took the time to experience the field through various transformation projects in marketing and reached to Markets Movers as a management consulting company driven by marketing.


Our Vision is Leading Markets To Better Future achieved  by our mission ; Transforming & Leading Purposes, People, Relationships & Organization Through The Science & Art of Marketing supported by our goal ;   Future Ready Markets which are   Powered by  Marketing Discipline,  Talent, Practice & Leadership, Driven by Customers, Marketers, Businesses & Brands, Led by Market Shapers, Changers, Connectors & Leaders


Our team is all professional People whom are ; executives, researchers, seniors and  practitioners from all walks of business whom are passionate, ambitious, purpose driven, innovation powered and tech savvy self-learners and motivators,  change agents, futurists and visionaries who form our greatest asset and capability driver.


Our founder Consultant / Wadea Al-Medwahi a Futuristic marketing influencer and thought leader powered by passion led by vision driven by innovation  with a career span of more than 20 years worked in different marketing functions across different industries where he helped various people, businesses and brands to harness the power of marketing discipline to grow and accelerate success.


Our strategy is partnering with  niche customers across business industries by harnessing new emergent technologies with focus in AI along with  utilizing our core competency of customer centric business expertise in collaboration with our subject matter experts in all fields and paths driven by our passionate and innovate team supported by our visionary leadership.


Our partners are all parties within our ecosystem whom we collaborate with on a regular basis through long term partnerships and joint ventures that contribute in direct or indirect way in developing and delivering our portfolio of services across our business industries bringing the best of them and us into  real life endeavors.