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2nd MOVER 

This is the second  mover which pivots and revolve around  a firm conviction and faith of human ability to learn, develop and reach genius state. It is considered the marketing talent  hub for professionalism and plays the role of raising awareness about the new marketing roles in the digital age and facilitating  the right mindset change and transition that paves the way for the required skill set development to be future ready for marketing professionalism that open new doors of opportunities for talents to fulfill their lives. We do this by adopting  a very advanced working methodology that goes  in line with the marketer profession   journey ( Marketer   vision - Marketer Mindset    - Marketer skill set - Marketer professional development  ) powered by our end to end portfolio  development approach that aims at    Interpreting  insights, researching drivers, developing accelerators and  implementing enablers led by our experts who help you set  the right course to build your future in marketing  through our disruptive portfolio of services that includes;    marketing career knowledge Guidance , marketing mindset Mentorship,  marketing skill set Transformation Venture and Continuous Professional Marketing leadership  centers.

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Know & Build Professional Marketing Career 




Explore  your career vision by embarking on the marketer Career  journey that helps you understand   what knowledge, skills, and competences experiences that would be needed to build your future in marketing.


For those newcomers to marketing getting a breast of the marketing profession requirements  in terms of profession ladder, paths, knowledge, skills, competencies, experiences, jobs ….etc is very confusing and time consuming task in addition to understanding which career path they can fit in and is it  aligned with their passion and personalities is quite difficult challenge.


Marketing career forum is  online career  event  that helps new talent to KNOW & BUILD Professional Marketing future   where we provide them with the latest profession trends that shapes future marketing workplaces and identify future skills needed by the business world. We do  this through our quarterly agenda that aims to support talented individuals to progress and prosper in the marketing world. The Forum provides a great opportunity to network, and get marketing career & profession knowledge and support  to develop a new future and brings new thinking and analysis on hot marketing topics affecting the marketing profession.

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marketer vision & insights 


Embrace career  vision & insights by understanding the marketer profession journey that helps you know what knowledge, skills, and competences experiences that  would be needed to build your future in marketing.



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future MARKETER Blog   




Unveiling Talent’s Potential and Investing in a Rewarding Professional Career in Marketing.

Researching the drivers of  marketer's  mindset  by embracing an expert level professional journey  transfer that helps marketers discover their personality and  passion and set up their profession mindset and make a sound  move towards their future.


We believe when  marketers climb the marketing profession ladder that every level has  a different set of rules and every marketer has different mindset that requires personalized approach in developing and delivering it. However, unveiling talents  potential and investing them in a rewarding and profitable long term marketing career is what talents should be starting with to experience end to end   journey that would open up a world of possibilities for their future marketing profession.


Futuristic MARKETER  is a career counselling and  a professional mentoring program in marketing that targets  young talents where it aims at developing the marketing mindset of  talent throughout transferring an expert level professional journey   delivered by a senior marketer whom would be the role model for transferring wide range of things that include; behaviors, attitudes, value convictions and beliefs and life purpose. The program conceptualized the latest needs and concerns of  marketing talent development in the marketing industry worldwide and deploys the latest learning and development methodologies. Our unique approach towards the career development needs is end-to-end solution offerings that includes the best in class techniques, tools,  expertise ...etc





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marketer mindset Drivers  



Embrace the marketer mindset  by getting  professional expert level marketing expertise transfer that helps marketers  discover their personality and passion and set up their profession mindset and make  a sound move towards their future.



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Marketer mindset model  



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e m p o w e r i n g

Developing profession centric Marketing skill set  


Accelerate the Marketer's talent  by embedding the profession skill set   that help marketers build the required professional marketing competence & ability and be ready to   transform their career and make a sound move towards their future.


Intelligent technologies, like analytics, big data and artificial intelligence, are reshaping work practices and redefining the skills most in demand across the marketing industry. However the only way to cope with this constant challenge is to acquire the 6 core skill set  that would help marketers face all the future changes and profession challenges.


MINDIT is A Transformation Venture that offers new type of marketing talent development approach with new thinking designed to facilitate and develop  a profession-centric marketing core skill set that marketers need to be successful at in every role and stage along the way of  their career  journey and professional development  plan. Each of these core 6 skill sets, Research skill, Learner skill, Practitioner skill, Integrator skill, Conductor skill and Self actualizer skill,  is a “ continuous improvement” or “ build-as-you-go” marketing competency. To be effective, marketers should continue to develop, adapt, and strengthen them throughout their careers. As they gain skill in one area, they will find there is more to learn and practice in taking on new challenges and larger roles.


The 6 essential core skill sets of professional marketer ;

1st MIND

The Marketer Research Skill


We are researchers ! Booking a bus journey or flight, choosing university course, trying to find the perfect coffee or ice cream cone - these are all examples of research in everyday life. Marketers also need this important skill to have the ability to search for, locate, extract, organise, evaluate and use or present information that is relevant to a particular topic within area of marketing or other personal area that needs research.  Marketers can also demonstrate their research skills by examining what they know about any topic/subject therefore, the more they can show they know, the better their opportunity of impressing.

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2nd MIND

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The Marketer Learning Skill

To develop as leaders and as people, we need to be active learners. This involves recognizing when new behaviors, skills, or attitudes are needed and accepting responsibility for developing them. Learning agility is a the skill of taking quickly the advantage of opportunities around us by bridging the gap of un-knowledge by filling it with learning enabling marketers to have the culture of learning, independency, initiative and   be self learners who break down the notion of un-knowledge zones for any topic or subject related to building their profession or personal life.

3rd MIND

The Marketer Practicing Skill

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We often waste lots of time because nobody ever taught us the most effective and efficient way to practice. Whether it’s learning how to code, improving our writing skills, or playing a musical instrument, practicing the right way can mean the difference between good and great. However,Becoming at a skill has more to do with how one practices than with merley performing a skill a large number of times therefore the feature of deliberate practice lies in continually practicing a skill at more challenging levels with the attention of mastering it.

4th MIND

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The Marketer Integration  Skill

There is no sure-fire recipe to solve the tension between choosing opposing ideas or models, or even less when marketers are required to solve such a problem. But, there is a process marketers can follow that will give them a better shot at coming to great integrative answer that is considered a very high level skill that is  known as the integrative thinking a process of integrating intuition, reason and imagination in human mind with a view to developing a holistic continuum of strategy, tactics, action, review and evaluation for addressing pregrative thinking.

5th  MIND

The Marketer Conducting Skill


It is considerably a new  leadership style where the marketer  play the role as orchestra conductor standing at the front, motivating, encouraging, and leading a program, a project, a team ….etc through the skill of  conducting that enable the marketer communicating artistic directions to performers during a performance where the primary responsibility of marketer is to unify performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and beats, listen critically and shape of the ensemble, and to control the  hype and landscape sound.

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6th  MIND

The Marketer Actualization Skill


Realizing the full potential of a marketer is very long story that would take a  lot of time and efforts to fulfill a very rewarding achievements in endless journey. Having a self actualization skill is very challenging it helps a marketers to strive to actualize their potential capacity, abilities and talents. It requires the ability and drive to set and achieve goals, and it is characterized by being involved in and feeling committed to various interests and pursuits. Self actualization is thought to be a lifelong effort leading to an enriched and meaningful life.

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AI Marketer 

Skill Set



Marketers  skill set accelerators 




EMBED the marketer skill set accelerators  with profession centric marketing skill sets   that would help marketers transform their career and make  a sound move towards their future.


 Through Acquiring Our 

AI Marketer skill set  application  


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Applying and using  Contemporary, Real life,  Innovative Marketing Profession  Practices

Enabling  marketer's  Professional Development by embodying profession leadership centers that help you reach expertise and achieve high industry profession standards along with a breakthrough innovative transformation venture  when a sound transition is inevitable


Empowering talented people with the right mindset that go in line with their vision is not that easy it takes a whole career journey  to connect them with suitable career path to fulfill their personal goals and achieve their visions along with experiencing a transformation venture that emphasis the notion of lifelong learning that contributes in  building their contemporary skill set needed by today’s digital age world where professional development and learning and development are your new personal long life school.


Marketer house has been established to support professional marketers and talented people  with state of the art career  leadership centers to help them build excellent professional capabilities in marketing and  to get connected with the world of marketing where we assist them to advance their career through climbing the marketing ladder that takes them to higher  professionalism status through full spectrum of innovative solutions comprises of ; professional marketing knowledge, events, training, qualifications, career guidance, mentoring, coaching, facilitating, jobs, membership and certification  enabling them to substantially acquire and advance practical competences and build excellent capabilities that lead to achieve professionalism status that makes them future ready throughout these 6 leadership Centers ;



Professional Marketing Knowledge & Events

We invest significantly in research and thought leadership in all marketing topics to come up with latest marketing insight and up to date provoking thoughts that assist marketers to get connected with the world of marketing while at the other hand  we provide them with industry events in marketing that help stay ahead in the ever-changing digital age where they know up to date information from  top industry executives  along with networking with marketing professionals like you.



Marketer Professional Training  & Qualifications

Arming  marketers with the skills and qualifications  to drive performance, inspire change and unlock potential is the imperative today as exceptional  various experiences are based on practical knowledge that play a very important role in advancing marketers and keeping them up to date with right skills sets and competences to drive growth and change in the digital age where things are changing very rapidly.



Marketer  Continuous Professional Development

CPD is a great formal way of taking control of marketer career it enables  learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive However, we help marketers to engage in CPD and ensures that both their  academic and practical qualifications do not become outdated or obsolete; allowing marketers to continually upskill or reskill themselves, pushing them to be always on the go.



Marketer Professional  Mentorship, Coaching & Facilitation

We believe and emphasis that mentoring, coaching, facilitating are considered very  influential methods for transferring knowledge and skills from experts to novice it really  allows those experienced marketers to share their ideas, expertise, research with promising and ambitious juniors marketers or newcomers  whom are looking for new shifts in their careers or those who are just starting out a career looking for real life subject matter experts advice on how to make the first move.  



Marketer Professional job and  Work Experience

Technology disruptions have changed the face of jobs and workplaces and also brought new thinking and mindset along with these fast  changes today marketers need to have a profession map that helps them understand what kind of knowledge, skills and competences they should be armed with to be able to drive change, manage complexity and navigate uncertainty. In this digital age the kind of jobs and experience that should embrace should be aligned with their  profession plan requirements and vice versa.



Professional Marketing Membership  & Status

As the world getting closer and smaller so does people the technology has broken the rules and  silos and made it boundaryless Today’s marketers need more than before to be part/member of community that they can revert to and  get connected with in the virtual and real world and be entitled to get up to date information and resources and have their voice heard. Also a  professional status shows their commitment and seriousness in putting their career first.

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Marketer  profession enablers


EMBODY the marketer profession enablers  with state of the art marketing profession development practices  to substantially acquire and advance  practical competences and build excellent competences and abilities  that lead to achieve professionalism status that makes them future ready

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Marketer Profession  platform 


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