4th MOVER 


This is the fourth  mover which pivots and revolve around how a business organization can have a sustainability  strategy on environment and its ecosystem by carrying a business purpose that has an positive impact on the community and humanity and serve the business alike.   This  is considered the market leadership hub  for innovation and plays the role of leading a  purposeful brand change and  business transformation  that contributes in shaping better tomorrow and sustainable future for brands. We do this by adopting  a very advanced working methodology that goes  in line with the brand impact  journey ( Brand   vision -  Brand Purpose    - Brand Transformation     - Brand Leadership ) powered by Our end to end portfolio  development approach that aims at    Interpreting  insights, researching drivers, developing accelerators and  implementing enablers led by Our experts who helps you set  the right course to lead the market and be game changer   through our disruptive portfolio of services that includes;    Brand trends and directions event , redesigning brands purpose consultancy ,  digital business Transformation Venture and Innovative Brand leadership centers.

Market Leadership 





Shaping the Next Agenda of Brand Future 

Insight your brand  future vision by embarking the   brand impact journey that helps you understand   how would the new market forces and trends   influence  businesses  &    transform and shape the future  of your brand and customers.


Change and leadership are the only driving force that drives brands in this challenging age of uncertainty and rapid pace change that has marketing as the empowered party to facilitate and take over the change  which its primary role in any organization is agents of change , which means agents of delivery. However, this implies that  if marketing is not driving the change agenda, then either the agenda is wrong or the marketing is not effective.

Market Star  is online summit and awards  event that convene business and marketing leaders and share insights on quarterly convention basis  where we share current market and business trends and directions at a range of external and internal drivers that affects  brand and businesses transformations that bring leading-edge thinking and practical advice from our transformational change experience and our proprietary research to  assists senior executives leading current and future major transformation efforts within their organizations. Following the summit, there will be an awards ceremony that will present ‘Brand Transformation Maestro Awards’ to leading CMOs and CXOs. within the business industry that would grant the best awards for those whom experienced effective transformational change for their respective brand and reach market leadership.

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 brand vision & Insights 



EMBARK on your brand vision insights   that paves the way for understanding your  markets and customer challenges and opportunities that would absolutely  shape the next shift  that  power your brand ahead.



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Purpose Driven Brand that Offers  Impact 

Driving   brand purpose   by embracing the  rapidly changing marketplace forces affecting  your brand existence that helps brings purpose to life and drives  a purpose-driven approach to commercial strategy and transformation  that can be a very powerful way to connect with both employees and consumers.


We believe that a brand is more than logo and set of guidelines but rather it is a currency of trade, a micor marketplace allowing customers, employees, suppliers and partner to exchange value through products or services and build long term relationships. brand is a living organization that stands for increases  value in real terms, equating to both an improvement in perception and increase in bottom line profit. A brand is Independent entity that deliver a clear purpose that exhibit a competitive positioning and reason for being. However in this era of disruption, there is also a very real business imperative to discover purpose. There is growing mistrust of big business, government and the media. In today’s hyper connected age, customers  have a thirst for transparency and companies can no longer spin their way out of a crisis.


Futuristic Brand is a research  and consultancy service that look at the business benefits of adopting a purpose-driven approach to commercial strategy in  3 areas of opportunity; innovation and financial performance, talent attraction and retention and deep customer and shareholder relationships Our approach to developing an authentic purpose and helping organizations live it integrates internal and external inputs from multiple perspectives with four steps—discover, articulate, activate, and embed—that build upon and reinforce one another.

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Brand purpose  DRIVERS 



Embrace brand purpose  by driving the rapidly changing marketplace forces affecting  your brand existence that helps brings purpose to life and drives  a purpose-driven approach to commercial strategy and transformation  that can be a very powerful way to connect with both employees and consumers.


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e x p e r i e n c e the 

Transformation is the new imperative for brands to stay a live


Accelerate brand transformation   by embedding market strategy that helps you build business driven  digital transformation for  your brand to be in the edge.


The digital age has made disruptions now  the norm as transformations have become a global imperative across industries so many  companies need a solid transformation strategy just to compete in today’s increasingly complex and volatile business world. Therefore, when it comes to digital transformation, the quote from Richard Rohr sums it up entirely too well. The business world is changing so quickly that it can be hard to keep up – but business who embrace a culture of change and transformation are well on the way to ensuring the future of their organization.  


MASTERIt is a  transformation venture that allows brands to experience the transition  through providing   comprehensive brand changes in strategy, operating model, organization, people, and processes to achieve a dramatic improvement in performance and alter company’s future trajectory through 6 main stages that collectively serve as a digital maturity blueprint to guide purposeful and advantageous digital transformation for brands.


6 Stages of Digital Transformation




Business as usual

The status quo. Businesses continue to operate in the way they always have, with no insights into their customer’s perspective or desires. A prime example of this is Blockbuster and Netflix. Blockbuster refused to make the switch to an “as-a-service” model, even as the popularity of Netflix became apparent, and eventually pushed the organization into obsolescence.



Present and Active

In stage 2, businesses have recognized the need for transformation and may even be experimenting with different technologies to bring themselves further along the path. But the efforts are not organized and different departments are approaching the problem in a myriad of different ways. Unless a business can find a way to move from the chaos to a more organized approach, the efforts to transform will most likely fall flat.





Once a business moves to the formalized stage, you start to see intentional experimentation of new technologies, with key visionaries and change agents within the business seeking executive buy in. It’s at this stage that businesses are most likely to run into roadblocks put up by company culture. For a company to move beyond this, they must make changes to the company culture to be successful.




Once a business has reached strategic, they have managed to wade through the roadblocks of entrenched work culture and executive buy-in and have moved towards creating a strategic roadmap. Individual groups and departments have recognized the power and strength in digital collaboration and are moving towards investments in technologies that will transform the business.




The general definition of converged is a pair of lines that meet at a point. Businesses who have made it to the converged step of digital transformation have developed a specific, targeted team of innovators to guide the business down a strategic path towards transformation. These businesses have overcome the cultural roadblocks traditionally seen when business embark on the journey towards transformation and are well on their way to success.




Innovative and Adaptive

Businesses who have made it to this stage have achieved true digital transformation. It’s become a way of life and organizations are well placed to continue to pursue new technological paths and adapt to the ever-changing business world with ease.

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AI Brand 

Digital Transformation 






Embed brand transformation accelerators   by developing a digital business strategy that helps you build a digital transformation for  your brand to be in the edge.





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Innovative Leadership for Better Tomorrow

Enabling brand leadership by embodying innovative leadership that help you execute a disruptive breakthrough innovation that enable your brand to lead the market towards better future and be a game changer in the its industry.


Change in  this disruptive age of technology is inevitable especially when lean transitions are  required at every stage of business transformation where agile capabilities are required to make the shift to leverage growth and boost competitiveness that in turn enable organizations to  lead markets that they serve with better tomorrow. However we firmly believe the conviction that business transformation has go with the trending technological advances wave and be based on brand purpose  geared up to its vision through digital transformational business strategy that is supported and leaded by hands on innovative leadership centers to reach differentiation and make an impact within the whole community around the organization.


Brandhouse has been established to help brands  solve their hardest problems challenging  in regards to how to insight, drive, accelerate and enable  change and transformation happen supported by our shared commitment to uncovering the power of collaboration in this opened landscape of the digital age where we contribute tremendously in shaping  and transitioning brand’s   future and building  growth capabilities by making, mastering change   throughout our 6 innovative change leadership solutions;



Data driven Analytics

As data and analytics build off each other to deliver deep understanding, or insights, into your customer base. Insights provide essential wisdom about your customers and reveals actions that  can be taken to better the brand. It is implicit that insights delivered through data analytics are what allow brands to intimately understand their customers and empowers them to create meaningful engagement opportunities. However we harness brand’s data, analytics and resulting  insight to grow brands customer centric decision making.



Market led strategy

Examining how strategic thought has evolved and where it is headed is key in this digital age it  can help brands Identify granular growth opportunities and improve their performance through innovative  products, services, process, and business models through setting out agile strategies that can provide growth and innovations. We help brands improve performance by designing portfolios - supported by resource allocation, integrated business-unit strategies, and planning  process that position them for success.



Cross functional teams managed collaboration

One voice one perspective  definitely this is how can cross functional teams  inject inspiration and innovation and coordination when put together well, these teams have the ability to deliver increased efficiency, faster decision making and better resource allocation. However, cross functional teams present a specific set of challenges that set them apart from traditional approaches to management. We are very sure that brands need to rethink if  they still dependent on siloed departments as when the teams from different department are landing together to work it will bring a global perspective to brand growth.



Technology powered innovation

The challenge of driving technology and digital for  brands is an issue available across business industries as technology is changing everything. It is becoming embedded in all brands products, services, processes and service delivery but the dilemma is how these brands used to manage digital innovation and digitize and support their core business and reduce complexity and risk. However we help brands embrace digital and harness the most emerging technologies by bringing focus strategy that aligned to its core requirements in an effort to help them turn the power of technology in to a value to their customers.



People managed Transition

The business world is dynamic and  workplace change is enviable requiring brands to elevate the level of active leadership, move at faster pace, include employees in decision making, and ingrain new behaviors and culture as well. However navigating change whilst fostering business growth requires employees that are adaptable, willing to embrace change and continuing to perform productivity. Within the context we strive to create customized change management programs and solutions to brands and their employees manage the inevitable changes that arise in business.



Green Go World

It is really true when they used to  say that things have changed especially when the new competitive advantage of brands shifting to the sustainability topic that is very critical  issue today discussed intensively in the boardrooms by executives all the time. However, competitive advantage flows to brands that know how to do more with less thereby   brands are embedding sustainability into their business models and governance processes to capture growth opportunities, resources advantages, and cost saving. So do we are developing a comprehensive sustainability solutions map that can help brands chart their journey of sustainability.







brand  leadership enablers 

EMBODY brand leadership enablers  with innovative change management centers  that enable your brand to lead the market towards better future and be a game changer in  its industry.

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brand  leadership  platform 


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